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June 10, 2005 Recent New York Times piece on tolls:

The Times reports, "people say they like the fact that there are no toll booths, and they can virtually guarantee being on time -- for a child's soccer match, job appointment or doctor's visit. Average peak hour speeds on the 91 Express lanes were 60 to 65 miles an hour last year, versus 15 to 20 m.p.h. on the free lanes, according to federal officials ...' said Caleb Dillon, an X-ray technician in Riverside whose commute is an hour each way, ''I'm not a rich guy, but I like having the option of saving time when I really need it.''

The tolls have also succeeded in doing what no amount of cajoling and public service announcements could do: get people to car-pool. The 91 now has the highest occupancy per vehicle of any major road in California, state officials said. The new tolls rely on radio technology to debit an account instantly, and they are priced to ensure maximum flow of traffic." READ MORE


June 14, 2005

London Economist covers congestion pricing:

The latest Economist has two articles on the future of congestion/road/value pricing in Britain. Discusses a move beginning in 2014 to substitute congestion pricing for gasoline taxes as the way to finance highways. Two really great articles. ARTICLE 1     ARTICLE 2


FHWA Value Pricing Pilot Program.


 FHWA: Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit:2002 Conditions and Performance Report. Chapter 16, Pricing.


July 24, 2005 FHWA Administrator addresses U.S. Chamber:

This is a talk that was obviously not heard by our Chamber of Commerce. She talked to them about, "why the private sector and free markets should be a much bigger part of U.S. transportation in the future" and "Recent research shows that tolling is not only a proven congestion buster, but also viewed by Americans as a viable option for funding transportation needs."  READ MORE

Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

FHWA: Converting HOV lanes to HOT lanes

FHWA: Existing and projected projects.

FHWA Administrator lauds HOT lanes.