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Seeking cost effective ways to reduce traffic congestion on Oahu



Honolulu Rapid Transit Company was the main operator of streetcars and later buses from its inception in August 1901 until its final demise in 1970. It was always profitable even up to its final year when the City exercised its right to purchase HRTís equipment and assume the franchise itself.

HRT had always run service for Honolulu only. The City on the other hand began providing buses across to the Windward and Leeward sides, around the island and up the hillsides.  The ultimate most costly service has been Express Bus service, which costs, we estimate, in excess of $200 per rider monthly, yet is priced at only a $27 BusPass.

All this has been highly uneconomical service and for this reason, together with rapid increases in employee compensation, bus losses rose steadily to the level they are today ó about $90 million in operating losses[i] and another $20 million in annual capital costs.


[i] For 2002, see FEIS , page S-8.